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Our wax is made with extra bees wax formula and cotton oil which is extremely gentle, and greatly reduces incidences of ingrown hair. A major benefit of waxing treatments is for slowing and weakening hair growth for a more confident you, whether you want to free your whole body of unwanted hair, or just want to have beautifully shaped eyebrows, waxing at Paris Spa has never felt so good.


Let the experienced technicians at Paris Spa introduce you to a comfortable, almost painless European Brazilian body waxing. We welcome you to our private atmosphere where relaxation is guaranteed.



At Paris Spa we “Do Not Double Dip” during brazilian or any body waxing treatment . During our services new gloves are used to ensure the safety of both the client and the technician.







Eyebrow                              $35   Shaping $45                        

Brow Tint                            $30

Lash Tint                             $30 


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