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                                  Body Treatments

Body treatments are essentially a facial for your whole body that leaves your skin feeling velvety, smooth and soft.

The idea behind a body treatment is that it is just as important to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin on your body as it is the skin on your face. All treatments include a steam shower.


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Treatment targeting is focusing on one or more
  particular body a
reas with skin concern for a specific
focus and customized results

Gentle yet invigorating body scrub packed with AHAs and cockleshell to exfoliate the skin both manually and chemically. Suitable for all Skin Instants and ideal for keratinized Skin Instants, Gommage P50 Corps stimulates cell renewal, enhances the epidermis’ natural exfoliation process and unifies the complexion. Your skin is left soft, smooth and brightened. With its unique formula exclusive to Biologique Recherche, the amazing Lotion P50 Corps is the key element of this purifying and moisturizing treatment. During the preparatory phase, P50 Corps body lotion is applied to gently exfoliate as well as moisturize the skin. It is then ready for the next phase: the massaging-in of active, revitalizing agents, which eliminate dead cells and leave you with moisturized, glowing skin. A truly beautifying moment, which bestows instant radiance.                 
$185 includes steam shower/sauna

A firming booster developed to treat areas where the skin tends to lose its elasticity, such as the inner arms or thighs. Ideal after slimming cure.   
$350 includes steam shower/sauna

Ideal treatment for a special occasion or a beach getaway. Slimming treatment starts with gentle exfoliation using the delicate Lotion P50 Corps. Stimulates the elimination of toxins and excess water from the body while being wrapped in a Biologique Recherche blend with algae. Leaves skin soothed and relaxed.     
$275 includes steam shower/sauna

Drains, soothes and relaxes the body to achieve optimum results for slimming. This is an intensely therapeutic treatment. A gentle method of rhythmic massage releases toxins from the skin, directing them towards the adjacent lymph nodes. Individual and prescriptive post-operative work helps to reduce swelling and improve the rate of skin, scars and bruise healing. The oil used for this process is called Healing. It is a specially designed, organic essential oil blended to accelerate the healing process. It can also be purchased at the clinic to use at home.               $185 includes steam shower/sauna

This leg treatment, a draining and decongesting antidote for jet lag, is divided into two phases, each providing a different sensation: hot and cold. At the heart of the HOT phase is a massage from the navel down using a combination of essentials oils that combine the active properties of juniper, Scots pine and cedar, followed by the application of de-stressing Crème Défatigante. During the ICY phase, the legs are wrapped in cool bands soaked with essentials oils of mint, lemon, cypress and thyme. This leg treatment is particularly recommended in summer, in hot, sunny regions, for the sensation of pure lightness it procures.

A slimming booster formulated to break fats and eliminate excess from tissue.

Ultrasound cavitation, is a body contouring treatment that is used to remove fat
                 deposits under the skin.          

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